Category: Chutney and Sauce Recipes

  • Chili Paste for Putting on Everything

    For weeks, I have been dreaming about making a vegetarian version of this Harissa-Lamb Skillet Lasagna from Food and Wine Magazine. I was picturing the thrill of recklessly breaking the lasagna noodles into pieces and tossing them in the sauce willynilly. I realize that at this point in the post, you may be questioning my […]

  • Holy Hot Avocados & Weeknight Dinners

    Holy hot avocados. Until this summer, I hated avocados (and guacamole). After a taste of my friend Christina‘s guac (just to be polite) this summer, I’ve converted.  Especially when they are hot. I toss cubed handfuls into eggs with cheddar cheese (green eggs no ham) and into stir fries. The few friends I’ve shared this […]

  • Simple Peanut Sauce

    A great simple sauce uses pantry ready ingredients that you’re bound to always have on and imparts a deliciousness with layered flavors that masks it simplicity.  We all have a few of these up our sleeves.  Sometimes they are so simple though that I forget them. There’s a great sweet and sour Indo-Chinese sauce we’ve […]

  • Spicy Pesto 3 Ways: Basil-Mint Pesto Marinara

    Recipes that can be transformed from one dish into another and that hold up well as leftovers are really appealing to my schedule.  I usually leave home early in the morning and don’t return until after dark, sometimes toting along more work.  So, recipes like these which make for a quick and easy weeknight meal […]

  • Soupy Soba Noodles

    Earlier this week, I posted a recipe for a really easy stir-fry sauce with the forewarning that it’s really saucy.  It was so saucy and flavor packed that I thought it might work well as a soup and gave it a shot with the stir-fry leftovers.  As we watched President Obama address the nation, the […]

  • Simply Saucy: A 10 Minute Stir-fry Sauce

    We like it saucy (no R rated pun intended – that sounds dirty right?).  This stir-fry started off as an experiment.  It was so delicious that everytime we made stir-fry, Rajat would ask me to “make it in ‘that’ sauce.” Kitchen experiments are fabulous unless you forget to write down what you did because recreating […]

  • Ridge Gourd Chutney

    Ridge Gourds are one of those vegetables that I see in the grocery store and feel a little scared of – I wonder how to break through its green, spiny skin, why it’s sometimes called Chinese Okra and if that’s the same thing as ridge gourd (it is) and how my mom manages to transform […]

  • Cilantro-Chili Pesto Sauce

    A friend pointed that I didn’t provide instructions for making the cilantro-chili pesto sauce needed for my Vindaloo Pasta Sauce*.  Admittedly, that’s because I cheated and used leftover pesto that I bought from Union Market.  I was trying to finish up what I hadn’t used in our Tofu Scramble.  Here’s a recipe that I’ve used before to […]

  • Vindaloo Pasta Sauce

    The chilly, windy weather outside made me want to cozy up with a big bowl of spicy, saucy pasta.  So, I fired up the oven and roasted some tomatoes, onions and garlic.  The freshness of these three, simple ingredients roasted with a splash of olive oil and sea salt is a treat but a sprinkle […]

  • Soba Noodles and Tofu in Cilantro-Tamarind Sauce

    I had a craving for soba noodles tonight and no time to stop by the grocery store, so my ride back to Brooklyn was spent ticking through things we already had in the fridge which might be soba noodle worthy.  My result was inspired by Heidi Swanson’s post on her blog, (you can find […]