Fall Frittata with Crispy Potatoes and Soy Chorizo

In New York, Fall is here and gone before we even realize the weather has changed. Mornings with a hint of sunny heat and just right breeze get away from us faster than we’d like.

Frittatas stretch those mornings a little longer. Fast to make. Ready to take on whatever’s in the refrigerator. Delicious to eat. A great way to find an extra fifteen minutes to laze over the weekend paper…which I just started getting in paper format.

That’s right. A PAPER newspaper. Novel right? Eliminating one of many digital elements has been another great way to stretch time. Reading the news in paper format seems to slow things done to a pace of days gone. Unfortunately recent news from Tulsa and Charlotte are creating a real dent in the pleasure of reading a paper newspaper. Hopefully November will deliver us with change that can move us forward towards a more positive future with gun control and decreased racial and ethnic tension.

But on to lighter topics like this fluffy frittata below…





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  1. Just discovering your very entertaining site, and reading this last post makes me sad! I hope that the election and subsequent events haven’t stopped your writing? In any case, planning to use your Chana Saag recipe as one inspiration for a future post on my site (about Holi) if you want to check it out. Thank you!

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