Semolina Dosa

Semolina Crepe

I’ve confessed that I cheat a little right? You’ve realized I’m not Martha right? We’re clear on this right? We’ve reached that point in our relationship where we discard with niceties right? Ok. It’s settled. Either you already figured it out or I’m telling you now. I like shortcuts. I love traditional Indian cooking. But I like shortcuts too. I need shortcuts. It’s how I get by.

Dosa is not generally the “easy, go-to” dish. But over the last year, we’ve been enjoying easy dosas made from mixes of nutty and savoury flours laced with spice temperings of smoky mustard seeds, hot green chilis and curry leaves. And when too busy for even that, I just sprinkle in a little salt and cayenne pepper.

These make for a perfect toddler meal too. I tear the dosa up into bite size pieces, and Surya happily dips them into a little yogurt. I also dice up a few pieces of Bedakar’s Mango Pickle for her (what can I say – the kid is about as desi as they come). It’s still a bit too spicy for her young palate so I rinse the pickle in water before cutting and serving.


If you want to see how to pour the dosa, check out this video from the Vah Chef.


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