Indian Falafel – Squash Kofta

When you see Kofta on an Indian restaurant menu, it is usually for Malai Kofta. Malai Kofta is a decadent affair – a deep fried cheese dumpling in a creamy tomato sauce.   I wanted something healthier and fresher.  I also wanted to use up a bottle gourd squash in my fridge.

Then last Sunday, I started to write this post about our menu for the week.  I’m hoping to make our menu a regular post (but am taking a break after the first week – how’s that for regular?! Whatever, it was Mother’s Day.).  Anyways, the post made me angst because I realized I didn’t know what we were eating all week, and I had a bottle gourd about to go bad.

So that’s how I found myself making Squash Kofta at 10 o’clock at night on a Sunday.  I know no one believes me when I say this, but IT’S SO EASY.  And everyone always believes me when I say this, but IT’S SO GOOD. I adapted this recipe from India: The Cookbook.  I haven’t cooked enough or read enough from the cookbook to give it a review, but I loved this recipe.




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  1. Using the koftas in a wrap is a nice idea, Nithya! I normally bung them in a regular gravy – onion-tomato-chilli-ginger-garlic sauteed and ground, but this seems easier and lighter.

  2. Koftas look yummy and loved the idea of wrapping them in flatbread. I just got this cookbook from the library and I was overwhelmed by the number of recipes it has. I hope to make at least a few before I have to return the book.

  3. Can you substitute zucchini if you can’t find a bottle gourd? Also, the malai kofta at our local restaurant is chick pea balls in a cream sauce with raisins and cashews. Fabulous but yes, very decadent. Looking forward to trying this one!

    • @LovingFood – I think you can definitely substitute courgettes (zucchini) for this squash. I’m going to try it with cauliflower tonight.

  4. Hey Nithya – I LOVE ghiya/dudhi and use it in a million dishes – thanks for another suggestion! Only problem is that it’s hard to find anywhere but the indian store 🙁

    • Hey Shelly, I agree but I think zucchini would work well with this recipe. I also did try it with cauliflower (grated it in the food processor) and ended up tossing it into a manchurian style sauce. It was delicious and super easy.

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