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  • Vegetarian Red Curry with Wheat Gluten

    Thai food is a food I hate to love. Mostly because vegetarian Thai curries are incredibly challenging to find. Stop reading here if you are vegetarian and a lover of Thai food. I’ve ruined Thai curries for plenty of vegetarians and am not looking to add more people to the list. But if you are like […]

  • Cheesy Crispy Quinoa with Broccoli with Mushrooms

    Discovering that your child loves quinoa is like coming home to find the dishes done and laundry folded (side note: thank you progressive education school with a cafeteria that provides healthy, nutritious meals). This combined with discovering the texture of roasted, cooked quinoa (spoiler alert: crunchy bits, soft fluffy bits, same nutty flavor) borders parent […]

  • Miso Soup with Wontons

    Ever since I started reading Jennifer 8. Lee’s Fortune Cookie Chronicles a few weeks ago, I’ve found myself wanting Chinese food everytime I pick up the book.  To Jennifer’s credit, it’s no small feat to conjure up stirrings for eggrolls, bok choy and General Tso’s vegetarian unchicken during an 8 am subway ride!  Jaden from […]