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  • Cooking, Time Management and Cooking a Whole Head of Cauliflower

    A young woman asked me recently during a career panel at my office about my time management tricks. The idea presumably being that I am able manage having a busy job while being a mom and having a spouse who also works. (In case you are wondering, chronic multitasking. Also, it’s definitely not always pretty.) […]

  • Runny Egg Potato Latkes

    Potatoes go shred. Eggs go crack. Potatoes go fry. Eggs go fry. Potatoes go crunch crunch. Eggs go run run.   Recipe courtesy of Smitten Kitchen, Big Breakfast Latkes

  • First School Lunch

    Monday was one of those life changing days. I had to start packing school lunch. Oh, and Surya started staying at school until 3:15 pm each day instead of coming home after a half day at 11:45 am. So far, we seem to be equally excited about school lunch. On Thursday, as a prelude to […]

  • Happy Diwali!

    Happy Diwali! This is our first year celebrating Diwali since Surya has been old enough to understand the holiday. We’ve been reading her Amma, Tell Me About Diwali (which I would recommend) and just lit diva’s together tonight. To make it even more special, we’re taking these cupcakes in for her pre-K class tomorrow. No, those […]

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Indian mothers have this way of making the difficult seem routine. At least that’s how it is with Indian mothers of my mother’s generation.  I’ve had this conversation often with Indian women of my own generation.  We recall the meals our mothers cooked daily – often after coming home from work and completely from scratch […]

  • Hungry Desi on Gojee

    If you’re in need of recipe ideas, check out Gojee – a New York based start-up that curates recipes from food bloggers all over and personalizes recipe suggestions to user preferences and user-specific ingredients.  You enter ingredients that you like (or have), and Gojee gives you ideas. You can even input dislikes or allergies, and […]

  • 2011’s A Very Desi Thanksgiving

    Turkey Day was never about the Turkey. At least not in my vegetarian family. There’s always a lot of curiosity around what vegetarians eat on Thanksgiving. And Indians. A part of me feels like I should be having a magical tandoori tofurkey. [Note to self: Next year, make tandoori tofurkey. Make it magical.] We usually […]

  • Indian Cooking Class Part II

    My next Indian cooking class will be this coming Saturday, November 12th at 1:30. I’m still trying to finalize the menu.  Any suggestions? Trying to build a menu that teaches the basics. Hope to see some of you there! xxoo, Nithya

  • Introducing Half Pint Gourmet

    Dear Friends, I wanted to share a new site that I helped launch last week, Half Pint Gourmet, a website for kids recipes developed by parents, for parents. As a new mom, I often find myself stuck in ruts. And yet, I care a lot about food and what Surya is eating. It’s important to […]

  • Pinterest – My Bulletin Board for Recipes to Try

    I’ve searched for a long time for a way to create a file of recipes I want to try. I bookmark recipes. I print them out. I email them to myself. I thought about a weekly post of a recipe from around the blogosphere to try. All of these methods ultimately fail (though I never […]